Big Eye Tuna Tartare, Kombu confit, carrot, shiso, candied ginger, sesame seeds, lime soy vinaigrette  15

Popcorn Snapper Sashimi, shishito pepper vinaigrette, popcorn, freeze dried corn, popcorn mousse, cherries  13.50

Humpback Shrimp & Grits, white corn grit cake, corn and pepper relish, cilantro, shrimp oil  12

George's Bank Scallop, yuzu kosho coulis, lemongrass panna cotta, seasame coconut crumble, shiso, cilantro  15


Spanish Octopus, molé, cocoa nibs, lime, cilantro, argon oil, escabeche  15 

Underwater Picnic Plate, smoked Arctic char rilletes, octopus mortadella, tonnato, pickled sardines, squid chicharrones, grilled bread  24

Calamari Carbonara, speck ham, peas, parmesan cheese  9


Pick a fish and a salad for 19.50

Today’s Hawaiian Game Fish

Albacore Tuna

Arctic Char

Humboldt Squid Steak


Wild Mexican Shrimp

Diver Scallops

King Crab

Big-Eye Ahi Tuna  (+5)

The Middle Eastern, arugula, shaved cucumber, grilled heirloom tomato, falafel, manchego, romesco sauce

The Choy, grilled baby bok choy, house-made Chinese black bean sauce, crispy bits

The Panzanella, heirloom tomato, croutons, spinach, sweeet corn sherry vinaigrette, smoked ricotta


Tuna Melt*, seared Albacore, toasted English muffin, slaw, American cheese 13.50

Oyster Po’Boy Banh Mi, oyster pate, kimchi, pickled cucumber carrot, daikon, cilantro leaves, grilled potato hoagie  15

Double Cheese Burger*, bun, beef, cheese, beef, cheese, LTO, bun 13

Lobster Roll, damn near half a lobster, New England style bun  25

Cured Salmon Sandwich, beet cured salmon, griddled rye bread, butter lettuce, local tomato, avocado, radish, red onion  15


Oysters*, see today's list for our current selection MP

Wild Caught Mexican Shrimp, traditional- quarter pound 14 half pound 24

Alaskan King Crab Legs, half pound 26 full pound 52

Maine Lobster, steamed or chilled, half MP whole MP


English Fish & Chips, beer battered cod, triple cooked fries with malt vinegar gastrique, minty pea mash, samphire tartar sauce  16.50

Humboldt Squid Steak, heirloom tomato succotash, basil pistachio pesto, freeze dried corn, micro basil  22

King Crab Cakes, cucumber, arugula, chives, red pepper vinaigrette 16

Mussels in Smoked Jalapeno Butter, garlic, shallots, white wine, chorizo cornbread, parsley  14

Paella Moderna, Arctic char, sausage, shrimp, mussels, squid, saffron rice 27

Crispy Whole Haddock, lemongrass, lime, fresno chili, ponzu butter, micro cilantro  MP


Broccoli, avocado, apple, sunflower seeds, yuzu-sesame dressing 6

Watermelon Salad, shallots, micro basil, ham chips, white balsamic-soy vinaigrette, wakame, shiitake  8

S&G House, butter lettuce, walnut-orange vinaigrette, wakame, shiitake 8


Parkerhouse Roll 1 ea

Cast Iron Cornbread 1 for 1, 5 for 4

Spicy Tater Fries catsup 4

Tempura Shishitos, shoyu gastrique, Korean chili flakes  9

Corn Fritters, shrimp aioli  5

Heirloom Tomato Succotash, corn, fava beans, piquillo peppers, basil pistachio pesto  5