S&G Deviled Eggs, lobster salad, celery hearts 13
Tonnato, panko-crusted eggplant fries, sorrel  10.50
Buffalo Oysters, Cholula-kosho wing sauce, 
Korean pepper, celery, basil aioli 11.50 
Seafood Cocktail, shrimp 10, Alaskan king crab 26
Butternut & Parsnip Soup, pepitas, crispy anchovies  11 full / 6 half


WIld Caught Shrimp, quarte pound  10 half pound  20

Alaskan king Crab Legs, half pound  29  full pound 58

Maine Lobster, steamed or chilled, half 27 whole 55


Pick a fish and accompaniment, your style.

Dayboat Fish MKT

Hawaiian Opah  28

Wild Caught Shrimp  19

Cod  21

Albacore Tuna  21

Hawaiian Deep Sea Crab  23

Verlasso Salmon  22

Georges Bank Scallops  24

Fried Oysters (buffalo or crispy)  17

Crab Cakes  23

Chicken (grilled or fried)  17

Po’ Boy                                                                 
Gambino’s roll, LTO, togarashi-herb aioli, lemon & hand-cut fries 
Grilled Chicory Salad
lemon-caper vinaigrette, candied hazelnuts, blue cheese
Chopped Kale Salad
seasonal vegetables, Rebel Farms Tuscan Kale, buttermilk lemon dressing, garlic bread crumbs
Avocado Toast +3                                                       sourdough, burrata, avocado, basil aioli, sesame, Rebel greens, cucumber
N' Chips                                                                                       beer battered , hand-cut fries, slaw                                          


Tuna Melt*, seared albacore, toasted english muffin, slaw, American cheese, side Rebel Farms greens 15.50

Maine Lobster Roll, celery aioli, griddled roll, hand-cut fries 28

Fried Chicken,  Comeback sauce, Rebel Farms arugula, pickles, hand-cut fries 15

Double Cheese Burger*, ground brisket/short rib, American cheese, LTO, hand-cut fries 16

Thai Green Curry Mussels, fresno, cilantro, Thai basil, sourdough  26 full / 14 half

Crispy Whole Haddock, lemongrass, lime, fresno chili, ponzu butter, cilantro  45


Grilled Chicory Salad, lemon-caper vinaigrette, candied hazelnuts, blue cheese  13

Charred Squash, green romesco, 
Castelvetrano olives 9 

Colorado Fried “Elote” Corn, chili lime aioli, 
cotija, Tajin 7 

Chopped Kale Salad, seasonal vegetables, 
Rebel Farms Tuscan Kale, buttermilk lemon dressing, garlic bread crumbs  12

Broccoli Salad, avocado, apple, sunflower seeds, citrus-sesame dressing 6

Cast Iron Cornbread, honey butter 1 for 1, 5 for 4

Hand-cut Fries, lemon aioli 4